‘Goosebumps’: Iranian girl’s santoor rendition of Indian national anthem mesmerises all online

As India celebrates the 75th Independence Day, citizens around the country and the world are marking the special day with cultural programmes, flag-hoisting ceremonies, and various other events.

Now, a video of a foreigner playing the Indian national anthem is melting hearts online.

In the video that is going viral, a young girl is seen playing ‘Jana Gana Mana’ on a santoor. Dressed in a yellow kurta, and a colourful headscarf, the young artiste’s beautiful rendition has left many mesmerised. While it went viral across social media sites, including WhatsApp, what really caught the attention of netizens was the fact that the girl is not an Indian.

The instrumental version was performed by Tara Ghahremani, a 13-year-old musical prodigy from Tehran, Iran. The soulful rendition of the national anthem was also shared by Indian Embassy in Iran on Twitter.

Watch the video here:

She is no stranger when it comes to moving people with her music. The young artiste has managed to gain attention not just in her home turf, but also got international fame and recognition, and has won many accolades.

In 2020, Ghahremani won the coveted Global Child Prodigy Awards in the ‘Musician’ category. She was also among the Top 15 Child Prodigies of the year, acknowledged by the agency for spreading positive vibes through their music all around.

As the videos of playing ‘Jana Gana Mana’ started to circulate, it earned her plaudits online. The sweet rendition of the national anthem played by the young foreigner has left many delighted on the internet.

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