This desi handshake meme trend trying to highlight paradoxes will leave you in splits

Social media is largely unpredictable and it is particularly hard to determine what can become a fodder for memes. When it comes to creating memes, people on the internet can quickly give quirky twists to anything and everything under the sun. Currently, a couple of pictures of handshakes have taken social media by storm, with many Indians coming up with a desi version of the handshake meme to highlight glaring paradoxes.

This series of memes involves people using different images of handshakes to bring out interesting contradictions. The memes follow a certain pattern — while the picture on the left showing a normal handshake represents a certain scenario, the picture on the right showing twisted fingers locked in a firm grip is being used to talk about a contrasting situation or an unpopular opinion.

While some are following the template to poke fun at controversial opinions, others are using it to highlight how things may not always end the way one would expect them to.

The series of memes featuring the photos of the handshake is being used to hilariously depict different contradictions, starting from the difference between the CTC and the in-hand salary to paradoxical situations in human relationships. Check out some of the funny memes in this series below:

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