Quota debate should not cause discord: Imam

Debates surrounding minority scholarship quotas should not create rifts in society, Palayam Imam V. P. Suhaib Moulavi said on Wednesday.

Leading the Bakrid prayers here, he also urged the people to take a strong stand against the practice of dowry.

Minority scholarships, or any benefit for that matter, should not be the cause for discord in the society, Suhaib Moulavi said. He urged the people to adopt an uncompromising stand against giving and accepting dowry during marriages.

“Dowry poses a stiff challenge to the society today. We are hearing reports of suicides that occur in the name of dowry. Shouldn’t we take a take a stand against it. The faithful should come forward to oppose it. The youth should take a pledge against dowry,” he said.

Given the COVID-19 situation, Bakrid prayers were held in mosques by strictly adhering to COVID-19 protocols.

Leading the prayers at the Vallakadavu Valiyapally, Hafiz P. H. Abdul Gaffar Moulavi, Chief Imam of the Vallakadavu Muslim Jama-ath, urged the faithful to dedicate themselves to the service of others in this time of crisis.

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