Panchkula diarrhoea outbreak: Over 350 affected, water samples’ report awaited

A TOTAL of 364 persons, including almost 200 children have yet been affected by the diarrhoea outbreak in Panchkula. Reports for water samples collected from the area yet to be received.

At least 74 patients including 36 children and 38 adults remain admitted at the civil hospital. As many as 89 of these were admitted in the last 24 hours. All patients remain stable with no serious cases, informed doctors.

The outbreak was caused due to unsanitary water dispensation at Abheypur village, Industrial area on Wednesday.

“All patients are stable and there are no serious cases. Cholera only spreads through dirty water which has been found to be the source here as well. The water is only being supplied through water tanks in the region. A public health camp has been set up to treat persons at the spot and only send us cases which need hospitalization,” said Dr Mukta Kumar, CMO, Panchkula, while speaking to mediapersons on Saturday.

Local MLA and Speaker, Gian Chand Gupta also marked an inquiry into the death of a nine-year-old. “The on-call doctor kept him overnight and took a decision to discharge him. The child was checked at the OPD and was found to be stable. He somehow died later. I have marked an inquiry into this death for further assessment to check if there has been any sort of carelessness so we may keep a check on ourselves that no such situation repeats itself in the future,” said the CMO.

Meanwhile, a strong sense of resentment has gripped the residents of the village. “We are tired of living in filth but what can we do? They are blaming us for taking illegal water connections from their pipeline but if they do not give us water illegally, we will have to access it someway. Everyone around me is sick My mother too is in hospital. Still, authorities come here, they scold us for what has happened,” said Santosh Kumar, who lives in the area.

Area councillor Rajesh Kumar has said steps are being taken to ensure it does not happen again. “We have completely cut off water connection in the area and deployed tankers. The pipelines which were found to be supplying dirty water have been dried out and are being cleaned. If numbers of cases drop by Sunday, we will know for sure that the water caused the outbreak,” he said.

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