Vadodara Municipal Corporation to organise vaccination sessions at private premises to increase coverage

With the Covid-19 vaccination drive slowing down for the 18- 44 age group, the Vadodara Municipal Corporation has decided to organise sessions at private premises, at the request of companies and organisations.

Vadodara city, which has recorded an overall vaccine coverage of 62.91%, has seen 57.81% coverage of the age group of 18-44 since May 1. In comparison, the coverage of the population in the age group of 45 to 60 has been 68.20% for the first dose and 17.99% for the second dose.

Medical Officer for Health Dr Devesh Patel said that those who were keen on getting vaccinated, registered through the online CoWIN portal and got their jabs. Thereafter, the civic body has struggled to find numbers at vaccination centres.

“For close to two weeks now, the appointment slots, that were otherwise full in a matter of minutes are unbooked and one can even get the appointment for the same day. This is a feature across because those who were keen on getting vaccinated have done so. The remaining population would have people who still have not made up their minds, those who have inhibitions and also those who have inertia and are waiting for the vaccines to come to their doorstep. So, if we have groups, companies, organizations or trusts approaching us with at least 150 recipients, we are willing to organise the vaccine session at their location.”

Patel added that the age group of 18-44 has seen a higher percentage of vaccination in the short duration as compared to the speed at which the age group of 45-60 was vaccinated. “It is because the vaccine drive was slow back then, because of shortage of vaccines and of course the hesitation still. But the drive is picking up in that age group and we are trying to reach as many people as possible,” Patel said.

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