No cell phone use on duty: Bihar DGP

The Bihar Director General of Police has asked policemen and officials on duty not to use mobile phones, other electronic devices and social media as it “affects image of the police”.

“It has come to notice that mobile phones and other electronic devices are being used unnecessarily by policemen and officials on duty. The unnecessary use of mobile phones and connecting with social media for their personal entertainment distracts attention of policemen from their responsibilities which impacts their capabilities and efficiency and also this comes off as indiscipline. Such conducts affect the image of the police among common people and media too brings this into light, which has a negative impact on the impression of the State’s police force. So, policemen and other officials are directed not to use mobile phones and other electronic devices on duty, except in exceptional circumstances,” the directive from Bihar Director General of Police, S.K. Singhal, said.

Policemen have to always remain alert while maintaining law and order, safety of VIPs, and managing traffic on roads and crossroads so they should desist from using mobile phones and social media, the letter added. “If found violating the order it will be considered as indiscipline,” the letter said, while asking officials to take further action against those found doing so. Of late, some policemen in Patna were found to be always busy on their mobile phones or other electronic gadgets while on duty of managing traffic on roads and crossroads.

“Yes, some policemen were found playing games, always talking with someone or using social media on their smart phones while sitting in a corner of the road. They were supposed to manage traffic on the road and be alert on duty. So, this order has come from the top of the department,” a senior police official told The Hindu over phone.

“Some officers-in-charge of police stations, too, have been found always busy on mobile phone. We have been receiving complaints that they do not pick up phones or return messages or call of common people in distress,” he added.

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