Assam village sets up ‘Blessing Hut’ to help the needy during the pandemic

As many families all across India have been pushed to poverty in the pandemic, a village in Assam is winning hearts online for doing its bit to assist those in need. In a youth-led initiative, a storehouse has been set up where needy people can take whatever they want free of cost.

Started a week ago, some young people in Nutan Leikul village near Haflong opened ‘Blessing Hut’ to bring some relief to people struggling financially amid the pandemic and ongoing curfew.

The premise of the initiative is very simple, and is full of care and compassion. People willing to donate can give away anything they deem worthy — be it food items such as vegetables and grains, or household items such as clothes, shoes, books and even toys.

‘Take what you need, leave what you can,’ reads a sign seen on the hut. Photos of the heartwarming project are now doing rounds on social media as well.

According to local reports, the hut came into existence after the idea was shared on a WhatsApp group of the village. As the project highlighted the needs of the economically backward people in the pandemic, many villagers chipped in to support one another.

According to The Sentinel, the project seems to be working well and indeed turned out to be a blessing for many. According to its report, the chief of N Leikul village, with the help N Leikul Youth Club and Leikul villagers, had previously arranged space to keep local vegetables in order to help the needy in such trying times.

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