‘The forest king’: Watch the video of a tiger make way for this majestic elephant

The Royal Bengal Tigers found in India are a regal breed. They are fierce predators, aggressive hunters, and are at the very top of the food chain in the jungle. However, this video of a tiger making space for an elephant to pass shows even tigers choose harmony when elephants are in the picture.

Shared by actress Dia Mirza on Twitter, the video now has over 80,000 views. “Watch what happens at the end,” says the actress and hooks us to the clip.

The video shows an elephant in a forest walking in the background while the tiger sits in the front, on his path. As the elephant gets closer, the tiger gets up and flees inside the bushes.

While it is not yet evident by whom the video has been shot, the actress tweeted that she was looking for the original videographer of this captivating video.

The riveting video left many in awe, proclaiming who the real king of the forest was. Many others said humans could learn from animals and their rules of peaceful coexistence in the jungle.

Tigers are known to avoid attacking adult elephants due to their humongous size. However, there have been several instances in the past where tigers have attacked elephant calves.

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