‘Straighten your back, loosen your shoulders’: Shilpa Shetty on dealing with pandemic stress

The second wave of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have been immensely challenging for everyone in the country. With cases soaring every day and people scrambling for resources to help their loved ones, it has led to a decline in mental health, something that many in the country are struggling with at the moment.

Actor Shilpa Shetty has a message for everyone: “be gentle with yourself”.

The actor took to Instagram to share a few tips on well-being. She suggested that you “straighten your back”, “release your tongue hitting the roof of your mouth”, and “loosen your shoulders”, when feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Additionally, you can also try closing “your eyes” and taking “a few deep breaths”.

She suggested that in these difficult times, you must learn to “prioritise what needs and deserves your attention before everything else”.

“To be able to stay united and help each other, we need to be gentle with ourselves… Please don’t neglect your health, your food, your sleep, or even your water intake. When you feel everything around you is overwhelming; straighten your back, release your tongue hitting the roof of your mouth, and loosen your shoulders. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. You can ensure everyone around you is okay only when you are okay❤️” her caption read.

Shetty had, earlier this month, revealed that many people in her family had tested Covid-positive, including her daughter Samisha, son Viaan, her husband, her mother, and her in-laws.

As such everybody had to isolate, making it difficult for her. She also shared this sweet picture of interacting with her husband from behind a glass door, wearing masks and taking all precautions.

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