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Israel continued on Friday to bombard the Gaza Strip with air raids and artillery shells as it stepped up the deployment of troops and tanks near the besieged Palestinian enclave.

At least 119 Palestinians, including 31 children, have been killed and more than 830 wounded since hostilities flared up on Monday. Hundreds of Palestinian families have taken shelter in UN-run schools in northern Gaza to escape Israeli artillery fire.

Despite international calls for an immediate halt of all hostilities, including from United Nations chief Antonio Guterres, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged the offensive will continue “as needed to restore calm in the state of Israel”.

Hamas fired another barrage of rockets towards Israel, hitting the city of Ashkelon in the early hours on Friday.

At least six Israelis and one Indian national have also been killed. The Israeli army said hundreds of rockets have been fired from Gaza towards various locations in Israel and they have added reinforcements near the enclave’s eastern lands.

Meanwhile, violence is brewing between Israeli settlers and Palestinian citizens in the West Bank as well as in Israel. In another potential escalation, at least three rockets were fired from southern Lebanon towards Israel.

Here are the latest updates:

‘I haven’t slept for the past three days’

Maha Hussaini, a human rights activist in the Gaza Strip, spoke to Al Jazeera detailing her experience in the face of the ongoing Israeli bombardment.

“I haven’t slept for the past three days because the shelling intensifies mostly at night. We are sometimes able to buy food or order deliveries but most shops are closed because they are also being bombarded,” she said.

Hussaini said the northern part of the Gaza Strip had witnessed its “most violent” attack overnight, with fighter jets, tanks and artillery shelling “all bombing one area of 62 kilometres” (39 miles).

‘Violence must stop’: Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron “strongly” called for a ceasefire.

“The spiral of violence in the Middle East must stop. I strongly call for a ceasefire and for dialogue,” Macron said on Twitter in a post that was also translated in Hebrew and Arabic.

“I call for calm and peace,” he added.

Destruction in Gaza City

Images posted by local Safa news agency show the level of destruction caused by Israeli air raids on Gaza City’s eastern neighborhood of Shejaiya.

Translation: Occupation warplanes bomb a blacksmith’s workshop in the Shejaiya neighborhood, east of Gaza City

ICC prosecutor warns against war crimes

International Criminal Court’s top prosecutor Fatou Bensouda told Reuters news agency that individuals involved in the ongoing conflict may be targeted by an investigation into alleged war crimes.

Bensouda said she would press ahead with her inquiry even without the cooperation of Israel, which accuses her office of anti-Semitic bias and rejected membership in the treaty-based court, objecting to its jurisdiction.

“These are events that we are looking at very seriously,” Bensouda said. “We are monitoring very closely and I remind that an investigation has opened and the evolution of these events could also be something we look at.”

Israel says it hit Gaza tunnels

The Israeli army said it destroyed several kilometres of underground tunnels in Gaza during a large-scale operation involving 160 aircraft.

The army said in a statement the aim of the operation was to severely damage the tunnels, an underground network they say Hamas use to move and launch attacks on Israel. It said more than 150 targets were hit.

‘Palestinians aren’t going anywhere’

US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib struggled to hold back tears in Congress as she questioned the US government’s “unconditional support” for Israel. Other Democrats gave their “unwavering” backing to Israel.

PODCAST: The Take – In Sheikh Jarrah, Palestinians confront a city’s future

What started out as protests against forced expulsions in a Palestinian neighbourhood has turned into an Israeli crackdown that has engulfed much of occupied East Jerusalem, including holy sites like Al-Aqsa Mosque.

But Sheikh Jarrah is just one neighbourhood, and displacements are unfolding across the occupied territories.

As the reverberations in Sheikh Jarrah spread beyond, how will it affect the future of Palestinians in Jerusalem?

Listen to Al Jazeera’s podcast The Take, with our host, Malika Bilal.

Hamas leader calls for demonstrations

Ismail Haniya has urged Palestinians across the occupied territories and in Israel to go out and demonstrate on Friday, the second day of Eid al-Fitr.

The Hamas chief called for the marches in protest of the latest Israeli police crackdown of Muslim worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque compound as well as the continuing bombardment of Gaza.

More Israeli shelling reported in Gaza towns

Local media are reporting more Israeli shelling and aerial bombardments in Gaza.

In the last few minutes, “violent” artillery shelling hit east of Deir al-Balah governorate just south of Gaza City.

Artillery fired also reportedly hit the homes of civilians east of Maghazi, also in Deir al-Balah area.

Israeli settlers attack Palestinian homes in West Bank

A video posted on social media by New Press publication showed several alleged Israeli settlers attacking Palestinian homes in the city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank early on Friday.

Translation: Settlers are now attacking Palestinian homes in Hebron

Israeli attack hits northern Gaza

Israeli air raids hit Zeitoun district early on Friday, with videos posted online showing dark smoke rising into the sky.

There was no immediate information on casualties.

For updates from Thursday, May 13, click here.

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