Delhi advocate files complaint against IMA chief

A day after Indian Medical Association filed a complaint against Baba Ramdev for his remarks on allopathy and doctors, a Delhi-based advocate lodged a complaint against the IMA Chief Joshnrose Jayalal on Friday.

Police said they received a complaint from advocate Vishnu Sharma against Jayalal for “maliciously bringing Christianity in all statements made by him”.

Sharma mentions in his complaint that Jayalal is promoting enmity between religious groups by making such statements on social media.

In his complaint, Sharma said he watched a television debate where Jayalal was”abusing, scolding and threatening Baba Ramdev” and he was hurt since he is a “disciple” of the yoga guru.

Sharma then mentioned how Jayalal was “promoting Christian religion” through his media interviews.

Police haven’t registered an FIR yet

IMA Secretary General Dr. Jayesh Lele lodged a police complaint on Thursday alleging that Ramdev was spreading misinformation about Covid treatment and doctors through his videos.

Dr Lele asked the police to book Ramdev under sedition for spreading false information and promoting enmity between groups.

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