At Home in Pune: Walk through graffiti tours, sing-along theatre performances and more 

Think about the relationship between the microcosm of living beings and the macrocosm of the Earth. ‘Thin h/as h/air’, is a solo work by in-house choreographic talent at Scottish Dance Theatre Pauline Torzuoli and performed by Japanese dancer Yosuke Kusano that asks the question ‘Aren’t trees the hair of the Earth?’. Slowly, as the piece takes root, a journey of a man evolved: from a scientist to the spirit of a tree. 

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With everyone at home, daily routines and schedules for each passing day have become a humdrum affair. Now, if you could, how would you feel when you can see your life and its mundaneness through a window?  ‘Nights through a window’ is an experimental piece devised and performed by Kanchan Avchare about life and its mundaneness seen through a window. The performance is a window to the mother trying to put her baby to sleep, a wife who struggles with her chores or a clown who does not want her kid in a box. A video on demand, you can watch the performance at ₹100 at

Dinosaurs have taken over the Earth! They are stomping and stamping all over the place.  Roustabout Theatre brings a new rendition of ‘Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish’ first published in 1972 by best-selling author and illustrator Michael Foreman. Watch the three episodes with digital animations, catchy sing-along songs and playful puppetry that gives a timely reminder to people to look after our home, Planet Earth.  A free activity pack is also available. Click here

The world is a canvas and you no longer need to travel to view it. In the comfort and safety of your homes, take a virtual tour of the greatest graffiti works on streets, walls and pavements across the globe and the stories behind them under the Google Arts Project: Street Art. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to view exhibits and interactive tours by clicking on

Enjoy renowned playwright Manjula Padmanabhan’s two short plays – The Dhobi’s Wife, which is a recitation of a murder stoy by a laundrywoman and Famous Last words – A game where lives are at stake. Presented by performers of Theatre Nisha and directed by V Balakrishnan, one can enjoy the short plays online at a charge of  ₹200 Click on : 

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