Where to fine Grass-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Trainers looking for Grass-type Pokemon are in luck since they are some of the most abundant in Pokemon GO.

While they may be incredibly common, there are also many popular Grass-type Pokemon that can be easily found. Recently, Alolan-Exeggutor was featured as a Raid boss, and other Pokemon like Chikorita and Oddish were found quite frequently.

There is also Bulbasaur, Number #1 in the original Kanto Pokedex, who is a great find since it evolves into the powerful Venusaur.

Where to find Grass-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

In Pokemon GO, Pokemon can theoretically spawn anywhere. There are, however, certain natural areas where particular types of Pokemon appear frequently. Grass-type Pokemon are found in areas with trees or an abundance of flora since many of these Pokemon resemble plant life.

This is great for people who live in rural areas. Gardens can be a good place for Grass-type Pokemon to spawn. The same goes for any nearby forest (or if anyone is fortunate enough to live by a jungle).

Naturally, lawns and patches of grass are also places where Grass-type Pokemon congregate. These areas are not as reliable, however. Grassy areas are spawn points for many types of Pokemon, such as Bug, Normal and Ground types. It’s not necessarily a guarantee that any player will find an Oddish if they look in their backyard.

Of course, not everyone lives in a suburban neighborhood or a log cabin in the wilderness. There are other places where Grass-type Pokemon gather that should be easily accessible.

For people living in the city, trees and grass can be hard to come by. Walking to a park, however, can be a great strategy to find Grass-types. A Golf course is another example of a place where locating Grass-types should be easily done.

Grass-types aren’t all necessarily heavy hitters, but there are certainly several very powerful ones that are quite easy to catch. Mega Venusaur is a big threat for anyone who can find Bulbasaur. Many Shadow Grass Pokemon, like Shadow Venusar or Shadow Exeggutor, is pretty potent as well.

Published 19 Apr 2021, 00:38 IST

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