The 7 Most Popular Fashion Trends in London Right Now

Although we often report on what women are wearing in stylish destinations like NYC and Paris, we can hardly forget another fashion hotspot: London. After all, we it is home to Who What Wear’s very own UK branch. And seeing as Londoners have a lot to celebrate right now between spring weather and the long-awaited end to lockdown, we thought it was the perfect time to take a virtual trip across the pond and see see what our fashion friends abroad are wearing these days.

I did some thorough research to discover the most-spotted items this month (i.e., I perused the latest from our Who What Wear UK team and scrolled through my favorite London fashion feeds) to see which pieces were the most popular in London. It quickly became clear that there are some springtime hits you’re bound to see on any London city block or Underground station. In fact, you might already own some of them. Keep scrolling to see the seven items we’re seeing all over London.

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