The 7 Best Sustainable Fashion Brands, Says a Stylist

I know I’m not alone when I say that I’m committed to becoming more thoughtful about what and where I shop, taking into consideration which brands I support and the impact my purchases have on the environment and the industry as a whole. More than ever, I want to feel good about my shopping choices.

To help me move in a more conscious direction, I sat down with someone who knows a lot about clothes that look as good as they feel. Enter Cassandra Dittmer. After working as a traditional celebrity stylist with the likes of Laura Dern, Bebe Rexha, Donald Glover, and others for nearly a decade, she’s branching out to work with a wider array of clients to identify the values they want to see represented in their wardrobes (aka me).

Dittmer has an array of styling services ranging from sourcing specific items for her clients such as a new winter coat or a dress for an upcoming event to complete closet overhauls, and my work with her fell somewhere in the middle. We created a sustainably sourced digital boutique—basically a curation of items from the seven brands you’re about to discover here, which Dittmer handpicked for me based on things like my personal style and the values I want to see represented in my wardrobe. I knew I wanted to focus on three aspects: sustainable production, ethical working conditions, and Black- and women-owned businesses, all of which are represented in this list.

Not only do these additions stand to move my closet in a more thoughtful direction, but each one is also an exciting new-to-me brand that I simply can’t keep all to myself. Ahead, discover what makes each label exciting to a sustainable stylist like Dittmer, and shop my picks from them.

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