Every “Cool Bride” Thing to Know for a Fashion-Girl Wedding

This pandemic will forever signify a number of things—one of them being the lack of gatherings that have always been such a part of our lives. Perhaps the most significant of gatherings that we’ve missed over the course of the past 14 months is weddings. The majority of engaged couples postponed their weddings that were scheduled for 2020 or 2021, but as vaccinations tick up, many of those patient couples have begun to resume wedding planning for a date when things will be safer. This is likely to cause an emotion we refer to as excitement with a side of overwhelmed.

We may not have all the tips for resuming wedding planning post-pandemic, but we do have some fashion-girl advice when it comes to the dress, flowers, honeymoon attire, shoes, invites, and more. We researched the coolest designers and vendors and did some shopping research for brides-to-be, narrowing it down to the most stylish options to give you some inspiration and to perhaps even help you kick off (or wrap up) your bridal shopping.

Read on for our best “cool bride” advice to fill your Pinterest board with.

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