7 Easy, Stylish Weekend Outfit Ideas To Try Right Now

Last weekend I went to brunch with one of my friends for the first time in almost a year. It was a weird sensation finally having someplace to go other than to the grocery store and back, but a welcomed change nonetheless. Since there’s hope that weekends will be popping again, might we suggest a few stylish outfits to celebrate? Getting dressed up for something formal, although not practical, is honestly kind of easy—you put on a nice dress, some fancy heels, and maybe a bag and you’re out the door—but attempting to toe the line between cool yet effortlessly laid-back (aka the perfect weekend outfit) is annoyingly tricky. The goal is to be comfy, cute, and most of all easy.

The women ahead seem to somehow have it all figured out: Their top-notch weekend outfit choices are always leave me rushing to click save in my bookmarks folder. Whether you’re looking for an interesting way to style your favorite jeans, the perfect inspo for how to wear sneakers or classic outfit combos you can always rely on, the looks ahead have you covered. 


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