Mustafa Ali breaks silence after attack from RETRIBUTION

WWE Fastlane 2021 didn’t go as planned for the leader of RETRIBUTION Mustafa Ali. The pre-show of WWE Fastlane featured Ali unsuccessfully challenging the United States Champion Riddle.

Following the match, Mustafa Ali lashed out at the members of RETRIBUTION. This led to Reckoning and Slapjack walking away. Ali blamed T-BAR for everything but ended up getting a double chokeslam from him and MACE.

After seemingly getting kicked out of the faction at WWE Fastlane tonight, Mustafa Ali shared a cryptic tweet. What could he be hinting at?

What could be next for Mustafa Ali after WWE Fastlane 2021?

In all likeliness, tonight was the end of Mustafa Ali with RETRIBUTION. While we might see RETRIBUTION stick together and possibly bring out a new leader, Ali is seemingly done with the faction. The question is, what could be next for him?

Mustafa Ali made his main roster debut after joining SmackDown in December 2018. While he started off with a lot of momentum, his career didn’t pick up much.

After not having a proper storyline on WWE TV for a long time, Ali was finally revealed to be the leader of RETRIBUTION, turning heel in the process. Following tonight’s turn of events, Mustafa Ali could be taken off-TV for a while and then possibly return post-WrestleMania 37.

Comment down and let us know your thoughts on RETRIBUTION turning on their leader Mustafa Ali tonight.

Published 22 Mar 2021, 05:59 IST

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